I discover a focus for my interest in photography when I made my first self-portrait. I felt a passion that has lasted to this day. My aim is not to make a recognizable picture of myself but to convey a particular mood that has to do with oppression, fear and loneliness. These self-portraits form as it were a thread which runs through my life. Very often these images are inspired by a garment or a round, ball-shaped object. Sometimes I use special make-up to underline a certain mood. I work best in an emotional, intuitive way.

Besides this, I take pictures of women. I discover my models in the street or when out clubbing. I feel attracted by their powerful presence and ask them to pose for me. I do not exclude men, but photographically speaking I see more attractive women, than men.

Once in the studio, it all comes down to the interaction between me and the model. If we have a good emotional understanding I photograph with passion and almost without thinking. Working with a model is like falling in love. When I get this feeling, I know that the pictures will be possibly good. After the session this feeling goes but I hope it is tangible in my pictures. Stimulated by inspiring props, my imagination and the model, my best ideas originate while shooting.

At all my shows I endeavour to feature both genres-the women's portraits and the self-portraits- precisely because they do not compete, but exist alongside each other.

Whatever the light I work with, I try to make it look as natural as possible. This is the reason I print the whole negative. Living in Belgium for six years and studying French has left me with a special affection for this language which is reflected in the French titles I give my pictures.